Indy Inflatables


Take bounce houses to a whole new level and use them for friendly competitions between friends and family! Whether you're looking to just have fun or you want to see how your skills match up to your friends, our selection of interactive inflatables will suit your needs.

  • Ultimate Back Yard Laser Tag

    Set up laser tag in your own back yard!

  • Two-Person Bungee Basketball

    See who can score against the bungee!

  • Small Inflatable Archery

    Comes with Nerf gun velcro darts!

  • Action Archery Football

    Comes with velcro soccer balls!

  • Two-Lane Bungee Run

    See who can run the furthest - the bungee always wins!

  • Velcro Sticky Wall

    Comes with four suits - one small, two medium, and one large.

  • The Joust

    Comes with two jousting poles and protective helmets.

  • Inflata-Hoops

    How many baskets can you make? Basketballs included.

  • Sumo Wrestling Suits

    Includes wrestling mats and helmets. Bump your belly with the best of them!

  • Floating Ball Game

    Race to get your ball into the hoop first - hours of fun!

  • Inflatable Twister

    Have a Twister tournament - sure to be a blast!

  • Speed Pitch

    How fast can you throw? Includes a speed clock, baseballs and softballs.