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Rental Information

Prices for all units do not include delivery or setup. For rentals in Johnson and Marion counties, a fee of $30 will be added to your invoice. We will deliver anywhere in the state, but the delivery fee will change to reflect differences in fuel cost and time to deliver the unit. The delivery fee covers the professional and timely delivery and installation of your unit, a walk-through with directions on usage, and tear-down.

Indy Inflatables, LLC will contact you the day before your rental by phone or email to confirm. If you miss our call, be sure to call us back to complete this important step! This step is necessary so you will know the time window of set-up, as well as a discussion on the weather for your event. If there is a strong chance of rain or high winds, we will encourage a cancellation of the rental. Nothing is more important than the safety of those using the unit!

Indy Inflatables, LLC reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to weather conditions or if the site is deemed unfit or unsafe.

Upon arrival at the event, delivery staff will collect payment for the full balance due prior to unloading the unit. No refunds will be given after the unit is set up and accepted by the customer. The customer must sign and date the rental agreement before the unit is unloaded. The customer is responsible for reading, understanding and agreeing to the complete terms of the rental unit. Once the unit has been set up in the area dictated by the customer, it will not be moved. Be sure to know exactly where you want the unit set up before we arrive, and prepare the area accordingly.

The set-up technician will inspect the area, set up the unit, do an inspection with the customer and go over basic rules. The area where the unit will be set up must be free of rocks, sticks and clear of animal waste. The unit must be supervised by an adult at all times. The renter is completely responsible and liable for the unit from the time of set-up to the time of removal. The renter should not deflate the unit. The set-up technician will remove the unit as close to the agreed-upon time as possible. At this time, a second inspection and clean-up of the unit will be done.
Indy Inflatables, LLC does not charge a standard cleaning fee. A certain amount of grass or dirt is expected with normal use. Upon tear-down, if the set-up technician finds food, candy, water or liquids of any kind in the unit, they will assess an additional $50 cleaning fee.

Click here for a sample copy of our common-sense unit rental rules
Click here for a sample copy of our hold harmless agreement